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Apprenticeship in Jamaica Was It Successful - 2399 Words

Cherelle Fox His 272 Mr. Chris Curry Apprenticeship in Jamaica: Was it successful? The Emancipation of the British West Indies was anticipated as early as 1787, but was not achieved until the Abolition Act of 1833. However, in 1833 emancipation was not as complete as these words would suggest, as there were clauses in the Act about an Apprenticeship system which delayed complete emancipation until 1838. The Apprenticeship system was originally applied to the plan instituted in the interval between slavery and emancipation to prepare the slaves to assume the duties of freemen. The new law freed immediately those slaves under the age of six years old; however older slaves were to be ‘apprenticed’ for up to eight years. There were†¦show more content†¦The planters in Jamaica almost immediately adopted an ‘eight hours a day schedule’, which meant that apprentices had little time to cultivate their provision grounds, since Saturday was their market day and the fact that they were not allowed to cultivate their grounds on Sunday. The ap prentices in Jamaica were unable to negotiate with their former masters about days that they can cultivate which further fuelled their animosity towards the Apprenticeship system and the planters. Historians Beckles and Sheppard had suggested that this not only inconvenienced the apprentices but also â€Å"prevented them from pursing alternate occupations to working on estates. The apprentices were kept dependant on the estates for their livelihood so that when full freedom came they would have been accustomed to look to the estates for their earnings†. Furthermore, the apprentices also had to confront corrupted magistrates who often sympathized with the planters rather than the ex slaves. Most stipendiary magistrates were often poor white men from England who lacked wealth, power and prestige unlike most planters in the British Caribbean. As a result of this, they were often bribed and manipulated by the planters. Moreover, it was clear that the role of the stipendiary magistrates was to adjudicate disputes between the apprentices and their former owners, but the magistrates were sometimes obstructed by the reluctance of apprentices toShow MoreRelatedMarcus Garvey : A Renowned Civil Rights Activist1661 Words   |  7 Pages Bobo 2/18/16 Marcus Garvey is a renowned civil rights activist, who pushed for the betterment of the African people across the globe. Marcus was a very influential figure in his time, he came from humble beginnings. Marcus Garvey was born on 17 August 1887 in St. Ann s Bay, St Ann Parish, Jamaica, to Marcus Garvey Sr and Sarah Jane Richards. Garvey was the youngest of 11 siblings, but only himself and one of his sisters survived to adulthood. In Garvey’s youth he proved to be a bright young manRead More The End to Slavery in the Caribbean Essay examples1245 Words   |  5 PagesCaribbean The Haitian Revolution (1791-1804) was the first successful slave revolt in the Caribbean, and it was one of the most important events in the history of the Americas. Along with the obvious human rights benefits that the Haitian Revolution achieved, there were some serious setbacks for the nation as well. Between 1783 and 1789, Saint Domingue was the foremost sugar producer in the region, but by the end of the war the economy was completely destroyed, and to this day Haiti hasRead MoreSlavery in Jamaica Essay4444 Words   |  18 Pages Jamaica has been a land exploited and oppressed by white nations for much of its history. First colonized by the Spanish and then the British, it seems hard to imagine a time when it was just the native people living in peace and harmony with the land. Many years after the white man first jammed himself onto the beaches of Jamaica, reggae music was born. A continuing tradition, this easy-to-groove-to music style originated as a voice against this oppression; it was the peaceful islanders way ofRead MoreComparative Education13537 Words   |  55 Pageslearning cycle (eight to eleven). Secondary school is divided into two main cycles: middle school (ages eleven to fifteen) and high school (fifteen to eighteen for general education or fifteen to nineteen for vocational training). Technology education was implemented at each of these two levels in the early eighties. 1.1 THE FIRST CURRICULUM 1.1.1 Some elements about the general background The main idea of French schooling is the progressive elaboration of the different school subjects. UnderstandingRead MoreLiterary Criticism : The Free Encyclopedia 7351 Words   |  30 Pages[hide] 1 Origin 2 Plot outline 3 Examples 3.1 Precursors 3.2 17th century 3.3 18th century 3.4 19th century 3.5 20th century 3.6 21st century 4 See also 5 Notes 6 References 7 Bibliography 8 Further reading 9 External links Origin[edit] The term was coined in 1819 by philologist Karl Morgenstern in his university lectures, and later famously reprised by Wilhelm Dilthey, who legitimated it in 1870 and popularized it in 1905.[1] [6] The genre is further characterized by a number of formal, topicalRead MoreThe History of Social Work in the Caribbean3239 Words   |  13 Pagessaid however that factors such as the establishment of the Elizabethan poor laws, the emancipation of slavery and the social unrest which resulted in the 1937 riots, played a momentous role in the development of social work and social welfare. This was evident throughout the Caribbean since they share a common colonial history for a number of years, according to John Maxwell. For the purpose of this essay, specific focus will be on two of its English speaking countries namely Barbados and Guyana.Read MoreCaptain James Cook5629 Words   |  23 PagesCaptain James Cook, FRS, RN (7 November 1728[NB 1] – 14 February 1779) was a British explore r, navigator, cartographer, and captain in the Royal Navy. Cook made detailed maps of Newfoundland prior to making three voyages to the Pacific Ocean, during which he achieved the first recorded European contact with the eastern coastline of Australia and the Hawaiian Islands, and the first recorded circumnavigation of New Zealand. Cook joined the British merchant navy as a teenager and joined the Royal NavyRead More Cuban Economics Essay4542 Words   |  19 Pagesbase was based upon one agricultural resource: sugar (Packenham, pg. 137). Without a diversified agricultural or industrial base, Cuba was forced to become dependent on the only superpower that shared its political ideology, the Soviet Union. Indeed, Cuban trade with the Soviet Union reached a level of 69 percent in 1978, a level equivalent to the amount of trade conducted with the United States prior to the revolution (Packenham, pg. 139). As Cuba entered the 1980’s, it was plaguedRead MoreHISTORICAL CONTEXT OF NURSING5706 Words   |  23 Pagestimes and has been integrated into every facet of nursing. This content will discuss an overview of the historical evolution of nursing and nurse leaders that have shaped its current status. PREHISTORIC PERIOD Nursing in the prehistoric period was delineated by health practices that were strongly guided by beliefs of magic, religion, and superstition. Individuals who were ill were considered cursed by evil spirits. Evil gods that entered the human body caused suffering and death and needed toRead MoreRecruiting in Labor Markets10081 Words   |  41 Pagesterrorist threats in the U.S. d. have resulted in lower salaries for high-skilled U.S. workers. ANS: B PTS: 1 DIF: Moderate REF: p. 193 OBJ: 1 NAT: AACSB Reflective Thinking LOC: Environmental Influence TOP: Conceptual 2. Recommendations for successful recruiting include all the following processes EXCEPT a. tracking the recruiting efforts of its competitors. b.- retaining all recruiting functions internally to ensure a good strategic fit. c. promoting the company brand as a good place to work

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When I Read That The United States Has A “Drug Problem”,

When I read that the United States has a â€Å"drug problem†, I immediately thought of the obvious culprits like heroin or cocaine. What most people fail to realize, however, is that substances like alcohol and nicotine are considered to be drugs as well. Throughout my first year of college I have gotten to know more about drug abuse than I ever knew before. I realized that the way in which most young people cope with disorders like depression or anxiety is through substance abuse. While some people look at this as a helpful form of self-therapy, others look at it as a gateway to addiction and immorality. James Wilson is the chairman of the National Advisory Council for Drug Abuse Prevention. At the time he was appointed, the main drug our†¦show more content†¦Sure, â€Å"forbidden fruit† is appealing, but as a broke college student, cheap goods are equally, if not more appealing. Wilson also argues that alcohol should be legal in place of other drugs, because it poses a less serious issue than drugs like heroin or cocaine. There are arguments against the legalization of alcohol, like drunk driving fatalities and the health risks associated with excessive drinking. However, Wilson still believes that â€Å"the government cannot legislate away the addictive tendencies in all of us, nor can it remove completely even the most dangerous addictive substances. But it can cope with harms when the harms are still manageable† (Wilson, 232). I agree with this argument because when the government has tried to outlaw alcohol in the past, it led to an increase in gang violen ce and death. There are counseling groups readily available for those who may have a drinking related problem, and while it takes a lot of work and dedication, in the end it is effective in helping addicts. This is not as easily attainable when it comes to more addictive drugs though. Douglas Husak has a different point of view on the war on drugs. He believes that the government has taken the wrong approach to decreasing drug abuse, and that calling it a â€Å"war† puts a much more negative connotation with drugs than what is necessary. The media portrays drug use as a gateway to crime, poverty, laziness, and death.Show MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Nancy Reagan s Just Say No 955 Words   |  4 Pages I recently read and analyzed a speech given by Nancy Reagan entitled â€Å"Just Say No†. In the late 1980s, around the time that Nancy Reagan gave her speech the U.S was facing a major drug problem. During that time a new drug, cocaine, was recently introduced. Because thi s new drug was cheap and addictive, youth drug addictions became a major problem. As a result of the drug problems many people spoke out against it, one of these individuals was Nancy Reagan in her Just Say No Speech (Decades ofRead More Reducing Drug Trafficking in The United States Essay952 Words   |  4 PagesThe drug problem in the U.S. and around the world is an important issue and seems to be a difficult problem to tackle across the board. The inflow of drugs has become one of the largest growths in transnational crime operations; illicit drug use in the United States makes it very difficult for nation states police and customs forces to get a handle on the issues. War on drugs, drug trafficking has long been an issue for the United States. There has been a proclamation of â€Å"war on drugs† for the pastRead MoreSolitary Confinement Is The United States Prisons922 Words   |  4 PagesSolitary Confinement has become an issue in the United States Prisons. Inmates ca n be placed in solitary confinement not only for violent acts, but also for acts such as possessing contraband, using drugs, ignoring orders or using profanity. Most inmates in solitary confinement are placed in isolated cells for 23 hours per day. Many of these cells are illuminated only be artificial light and offer no exposure to natural daylight. The problem with Solitary Confinement is that it causes mental healthRead MoreThe Mexican President Felipe Calder989 Words   |  4 PagesMexico s War on Drugs Purpose: Inform Organizational Plan: Topical Introduction Attention Getter: A bloody war has been raging on in North America for the last four years which has resulted in over 34,500 deaths as of December 2010, which was by far one of the most violent years so far with over 15,000 people killed. Speaker Purpose: Having been stationed in Fort Hood Texas for three years I often visited Mexico and being an addict in recovery, in some small way recovery I feel responsibleRead MoreDrug Trafficking Essay1574 Words   |  7 PagesDrug trafficking has been a major issue not only in this country but across the world. Drug trafficking has a major foothold in South America, more specifically Mexico and Colum- bia. Both these countries have given birth to some of the most notorious â€Å"Cartels† the world has ever seen. From Pablo Escobar to Joaquin â€Å"El Chapo† Guzman, these are just some of the infa- mous men who have established drug trafficking into the multi-billion dollar business it has be- come today. â€Å"Drug Trafficking OrganizationsRead MoreGood Finance or Bad Medicine700 Words   |  3 Pageshospital administrator at a small hospital that, like many others, is experiencing ï ¬ nancial problems. Having studied finance, you know that efficient cash management is important to all firms in all industries to meet the day-by-day operations of the firm. One way to ensure such efficiency is to use a carefully planned and managed inventory control system that can reduce the amount of cash an organization has tied up in inventory. Being familiar with Just-In-Time Inventory, you know it is a provenRead MoreWhy Marijuana Should Be Legal960 Words   |  4 Pageson a pitch black night, has a brief encounter with a cop while smoking a joint for his post-traumatic stress disorder, and unfortunately gets arrested, even though marijuana seems to be his only temporary cure. I believe marijuana has many medical benefits, and certain people need it to live a normal, productive life. Opponen ts of legalizing it have argued that doing so would do more harm than good, however they turn a blind eye to scientific studies proving otherwise. I believe soldiers returningRead MoreHA545 Kaplan Essay1479 Words   |  6 Pagesprescription drug benefit, is a United States federal-government program to subsidize the costs of prescription drugs and prescription drug insurance premiums for Medicare beneficiaries in the United States. Enacted as part of the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003 and went into effect on January 1, 2006 (Wikipedia, 2010). In December 2003, the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement and Modernization Act (MMA) became law. The act created the Medicare Part D drug benefit to provide drug coverage toRead MoreTeenage Teens Getting The Dangerous Drugs1154 Words   |  5 Pagesarticles and watch when statistics begin to rise. It’s great to see how many more young teens are graduating high school and college, and moving on with their lives. One of the most recent skyrocketing numbers however, is the heroin epidemic that we have going on. Is it becoming easier for kids to get their hands on the harder drugs? Are we going to being to see that after the legalization of other drugs kids want to experiment more and are now moving onto harder and more dangerous drugs? How are theseRead MoreThe Concept Of Mandatory Sentencing1096 Words   |  5 Pagesminimum of two to ten years with a $20,000 fine. This was eventually repealed by Congress in 1970, but mandatory sentences came back with the passage of the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986. Since then, the scope and presence of mandatory sentencing has only grown, especially mandatory sentences for drug related offenses. Recently, there has been a growing concern over the use and implementation of mandatory minimum sentencing, with many believing it reduces a judge’s ability to give out a sentence that

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The Reasons Why South Africa Is Successful - 2853 Words

South Africa (SA) stands out among the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa in terms of levels of development and the degrees of democracy. It is now regarded as the emerging middle power in the African continent. I argue that South Africa’s place in the economic world also has different implications to different populations in this nation state. Nigeria on the other hand, has failed to sustain democracy and economic development. In this paper, I am going to critically analyze the reasons why South Africa is relatively successful as compared to other African countries. In particular, the paper is going to critically examine the reasons why Nigeria has failed to achieve the same level of success regarding the fact that it gained its â€Å"independence†Ã¢â‚¬ ¦show more content†¦It is argued that a country’s development is reinforced by ‘democratic good governance . ‘Democratic good governance’ refers generally to a political regime based on the model of a liberal-democratic polity, which protects human and civil rights, combined with a competent, non-corrupt and accountable public administration (Dauda and Oladoyin, 2008). I will first look at their different colonial experiences and the governments that took over after these countries became independent. With this I will discuss how different political regimes can influence ‘development’. Secondly, I will look at each country’s economic and social development and argue how the different management of natural resources can have different economic impacts. Thirdly, I will reflect on how Nigeria’s large ethnic groups have affected democratization and economic development in a way that other ethnic groups became to dominate others. With this, I will dispute that Nigeria’s economic and social development has been affected by corruption and lack of accountability. I therefore argue that South Africa is more successful in terms of the level of develop ment and democratization as compared to other Sub- Saharan African countries, especially Nigeria. This is partly due to its long years of colonialism and its post-colonial transition into democracy. Kesselman etal (2013) argues that South Africa’s political

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Performance of Manufacturing Industry †Free Samples to Students

Question: Discuss about the Performance of Manufacturing Industry. Answer: Introduction: Notably, the Australian automotive industry was once a glorious industry but has since declined. Equally, the automotive manufacturing sector contribution to the gross domestic product has reduced over the years. Currently, manufacturing in Australia dropped to 24033 m Australian dollar during the first quarter of the year from million in the year 2016(Trading Economics,2017). Specifically, since the year 2014,the car industry contribution to the gross domestic product has significantly reduced due to the challenges facing the industry.Towards the first quarter of the year 2014,the car manufacturing industry made 25940m Aus($) which reduced to 25573m at the close of the year .Similarly, in the first quarter of the year 2015,its contribution stood at 25553 m and 24763m as at the fourth quarter of the year 2015.Moreover,there was a significant drop in the contribution between July 2016 and January 2017. Noteworthy, the automotive manufacturing industry in Australia is among the top sector contributors of its gross domestic product. According to the Australia Bureau of Statistics data, car manufacturing industry accounted for 6 per cent of the Australian Gross domestic product in the years 2015-16 with an output of 99.4 billion. Further, the car manufacturing industry in Australia managed to employ 0.9million workers (Department of industry, innovation and science,2016).Manufacturing industry contribution to GDP has declined over the years(Kryger,2014).Noteworthy,in the year 2013-14,6.5% of the Australian gross domestic product came from the manufacturing sector which is considered the lowest figure in four preceding years.The decline in contribution is due to the fact that major car producers have closed their operations in most Australian states hence less revenues for the government of Australia and high unemployment rates. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the automotive industry in Australia s contribution to the gross domestic product within the years 1974 to 2015, was the highest in between the years 1974-79 and later slowed since the years 1982 and has never picked up. Notably, the highest gross domestic product contribution by the Australian car manufacturing industry was 14 per cent in the year 1974-75 and lowest at 6.8% in the year 2014-15.The car manufacturing industry has faced various hurdles since its inception but has somehow managed to stay afloat all this years. Mainly, the influx of government based subsidies has helped keep the automotive manufacturers in business.The growth of the manufacturing industry in Australia was curtailed with the global financial crisis, harsh economic conditions facing other sectors of its economy and globally. Relationship Between Australia Automotive Industry and Government. Recently, the relation between the Australian car manufacturing industry and the Australian government has been rocky. Specifically due to the government s decision to wind up the industry. In addition, the Australian government has reduced automotive tariff levels (Porter,2016).Further, the Australian car manufacturing industry is an open market thus reducing the employment rates in the various Australian states.Noteworthy,the government of Australia is considered to have offered the lowest assistance levels to its car manufacturing industry globally according to the Sydney Morning Herald. Also, the Australian car industry has been declining over the past decade. Most of the top car manufacturers have closed shop in the Australian states. Remarkably, the Australian government has extended some level of financial assistance to the crumbling car manufacturing industries. Mainly, this has been effected through tariff reforms and the implementation of subsidies (Davidson, 2013). Specifically, the Australian labor government car plan,5.4 Australian $ were allocated as subsidies for the period 2008-20 amounting to a total figure of 415m annually.Noteworthy,the Holden group was a recipient of 1.8bn$ annually since the conception of the subsidies package in Australia(Davidson 2013)Through the influx of subsidies, employees in the automotive industry have maintained their source of livelihood and government received substantial revenue from the industry. Notably, Toyota, Holden, Mazda were some of the car manufacturers operating in the Australian states. Due to the decline of the car manufacturing industry most of the manufacturers have closed business in Australia and relocated overseas thus creating substantial unemployment rates in the different Australian states and causing huge reductions in government revenue from the industry. Particularly, the refusal of the Australian government under the Abbot Administration to supply further subsidies to the Toyota Group led to its closure which to public opinion may seem like lack of interest in sustaining the industry.The decline of subsidies was justified on corporate welfare grounds to which car manufacturers went to court.In addition,the effort to renegotiate an agreement on the Toyota Altona enterprise plant was unsupported by the workers Union in the manufacturing sector.To some,this can be interpreted as harsh working relationship between manufacturers and government players in the Australian car industry(Forsyth,2014).However,the car manufacturing industry and the Australian government have enjoyed a supportive relationship in the sense that the Australian government has implemented various programmes to make the sector sustainable and transition smoothly following the closure of most of the car manufacturers in the country(Lee 2014-15) Noteworthy,Under the Australian Budget 2015-16,a growth fund was established with the aim of creating new employment opportunities and boosting economic growth levels in the Australian states of South Australian and Victoria in preparation of the closure of automotive manufacturer production plants in the states.Additionally,there was a transition grants program set up to aid manufacturers in the car industry produceshigh-quality vehicles and improve competitiveness of the car manufacturers. By and large,it can be said that the relationship between car manufacturers in Australia and the government hasnt been all murky but normal in that the government has at one time extended help and at other times declined to as per normal relationships.As a show of good faith,the Australian government has made provisions for the employees likely to be laid off from the manufacturing industry accessible to an adjustment plan in a bid to provide employment opportunities to redundant workers. Moreover, subsidies on employment,equipment and training have been made available to the laid off workers through the Employment Pathway fund encompassed in the Australian Budget of 2014-15 hence the assertion that the Australian government has been a supportive partner to the car manufacturers and their employees.As much as its the duty of government to provide employment opportunities for its citizens,its a show of good will that the Australian government has implemented such initiatives and policies for its people. Prediction in the Event of Macroeconomic changes Usually dollar depreciation makes exports cheaper hence boosting the aggregate demand for automotive by 10 percent. However, importation of spare parts for motor vehicles will be expensive .Further through depreciation of the Australian dollar by 10% will boost the aggregate demand for Australian made motor vehicles due to the high rates of exportation as compared to the low rates of importation(Tejvan,2017).Primarily ,inflation is the instability of the event that theres a 5per cent increase in the inflationary pressures in Australia, means there will be reduced production of automotive by Australian car manufacturers. The reduction in production is due to the fact that most cars produced outside Australia will look cheaper as compared to domestic cars by Australian manufacturers. This is because with the increase in prices by 5percent,car manufacturers will assemble car parts at high prices and later transfer the costs to consumers .In addition ,there will be reduced expo rt volumes due to the high cost of production in Australia following the inflation(Wilber N. d).Moreover ,due to the price increase ,manufacturers will opt to save rather than expand production. Inflation limits the resources of production due to the high cost of resources for production. Increase in global price of oil will cause a reduction in production of goods and services and price hikes due to the fact that oil is a raw material for most goods and aids in can be said that without affordable oil prices most consumers will shy away from purchasing vehicles due to the high maintenance costs because most vehicles run on fuel. Also, there will be high cost of transportation of spare parts and also exportation costs thus transferring these high costs to the consumer(Dr.Econ 2007).There will be reduced production of cars in the event of high oil prices due to the high production costs incurred by car manufacturers(Michael,2000).further the price of cars will be high thus low volumes of cars will be purchased from manufacturers. Typically, unemployment implies that there are no jobs available for persons actively seeking employment opportunities or many people have lost their jobs .An overall unemployment rate in Australia might mean theres an active labor force that can be absorbed into the car manufacturing industry. With the high unemployment rate at 10%,the means that there is a skilled labor market that means if employed there will be an increase in production due to the increased number of workers in the manufacturing plant(Plache,2013).However ,in the event that many people have lost their jobs that means there will be less production of cars by manufacturers. Usually depreciation of currency will trigger inflationary pressures owing to the fact that importation costs are high ,aggregate demand for manufactured vehicles will increase thereby triggering demand pull inflationary pressures thus leading to an increase in the cost of manufacturing cars in Australia. With inflation, unemployment is imminent this is because there will be high costs of production and other expenses most employers are likely to lay off most of their workers(Doucet 2010). During inflation, there is few money to spend on expenditure thus most employers prefer to lay off workers so as to retain the profit margin.For instance,the closure of the Holden plant in Australia led to many Australians losing their employment9. Besides with high inflation rates, production volumes reduce thus there will be no need for having many workers. Less workers means less salaries and more profit for the car manufacturers. In the event that there are high unemployment rates, inflation, dollar depreciation and high global oil prices, theres bound to be reduced production due to high production costs.Owing to the fact that oil is a major raw material, in the event of rapid price increases, there will be less production and consumption of goods and services and car manufacturing industry is no exception .Also, the fact that oil is a global raw material implies with high costs of oil inflationary pressures are likely to emanate and thereby reduce purchasing power and consumption habits at the global and national levels. Through high inflation rates, most of the car producers will opt to restrict production due to the fact that there will be less capital to assemble car parts for production. The higher the prices of goods and services, the less that good or services will be consumed as dictated by the demand laws. With high inflation rates, salaries will be expensive for car manufacturers thus some workers may be rendered jobless by this negative development. The combination of inflationary pressures and unemployment, since unemployment may be triggered by inflationary pressures in the economy, implies that there will be less production of automotive since there will be less capital to assemble car parts due to the high pricing and there will be less workers to do the manufacturing hence theres need to uphold low inflation rates and high employment rates. High oil prices will mean less consumption of the goods thus there will be less production of automotive by car manufacturers due to the fact that a surplus production won't immediately yield profits which is the sole aim of car manufacturing. In the unlikely event that there s high unemployment rates ,dollar depreciation and higher global prices of oil ,this could paralyze the automobile industry due to the high cost of production incurred and less consumption of the goods .There likely to be massive layoffs of car production industry workers, closure of some car manufacturing plants an d bankruptcy. Typically, it s impossible to sustain any business or industry in the event that the average costs of production are higher than profits thereof .Production of automotive under a combination of these four factors will lead to decline of some industries due to the high cost of operations and little profits .Further, this can lead to bankruptcy of some car operators. For instance, Toyota Motor Group, Holden car manufacturers have closed down their plant operations in most Australian states due to the high cost of production and unsustainability of the industry. As at 2014, Toyota car manufacturers had issued a 2017 closure decline of its manufacturing plants in Australia. Similarly, Ford Motors were set for closure due to the high operating costs and the strong Australian dollar was at 2014(Reuters,2014).Following the closure of The Toyota manufacturing plant,2500 employees lost their jobs. Insights and Recommendations The Australian car manufacturing industry is considered one of the struggling industries in the Australian economy. The decline in economic industry growth has been partly attributed to the harsh macroeconomic factors such as inflation, exchange rates, inflation and unemployment levels .In my view, theres need for government policies and intervention in macroeconomic indicators of the economy .Theres need for government intervention to reduce inflation ,control unemployment rates ,stabilize the Australian dollar and maintain low prices of oil within its economy for economic growth purposes and social welfare of the Australian people.To contain inflationary pressures in the economy,The Australian government can adopt fiscal measures and policies such as tightening fiscal policy to contain aggregate demand for goods and services to prevent prices from spiraling . In addition, taxation can contain the disposable income which inturn directly impacts on consumption and expenditure. High taxation rates reduce income levels thus less spending by consumer thus controlling inflation(Riley,2015Moreover,monetary policies have been used to control the stability of prices in an economy .Predominantly,a tightened monetary policy through the incorporation of high- interest rates on credit facilities for longer period will substantially cut down on consumer income hence less consumer expenditure .Additionally,the implementation of supply side measures and policies have been considered effective in controlling prices of goods and services.Essentially,supply side policies are aimed at boosting productivity,efficiency,competition and encourage innovation through promoting research and development thus controlling the pricing of goods and services. Through contractionary monetary policies high prices of goods and services is controlled(Amadeo,2017).Contractionary monetary policies are able to slow down rapid economic growth levels which might have negative consequences on the economic and business cycle.Reserve requirements,interest rates policy are at the disposal of the central or federal banks of most economies to control money circulation in the economy thus controlling inflation. Also ,demand side policy measures are effective in controlling unemployment spells in various economies in the sense that a controlled demand policy will contain demand deficiency which triggers some form of unemployment(Pettinger,2017).Supply based policiesare responsible for containing structural forms of unemployment.Through monetary policies which reduce interest rates on credit financial facilities,aggregate demand for goods and services will be boosted hence the need to employ more workers to fill the supply gap thereby reducing unemployment rates. Moreover,taxation,which is a fiscal policy can be used to boost aggregate demand for goods and services through lower taxation percentages. However, theres further need to encourage vocational training,education to eliminate structural forms of unemployment.Through the implementation of lower minimum wage provisions,real wage unemployment levels can be averted thus boosting employment levels. Youth unemployment is among the most notorious form of unemployment in Australia hence the need to address the issue by the Australian government(Borlan,2014).Significant economic growth levels will create employment opportunities for the youth, training should be offered to the youths at an early age in preparation for the labor market thus boosting their employability chances.Further setting up of placement agencies and school and corporate based partnerships will go a long way in eliminating unemployment rates. Regarding dollar depreciation,there need to stabilize and boost the value of the Australian dollar.Typically,a devaluation implies more coin for less and the reverse is true.There's need to incorporate monetary policy to control the supply of the Australian dollar.A limited supply of Australian dollar will mean more value for the Australian dollar whereas surplus circulation of the dollar will mean less value for the dollar at foreign exchange rates(Investopodia,2017).An increase in the inflow of foreign currency boosts the value of the domestic dollar.In the case of a strong currency the cost of imports will greatly reduce(Taylor,2017).Through stronger Australian dollar ,Australian automotive will seem more competitive and stir economic growth which will create investment and employment for the Australian population. owing to high costs of production. Primarily,most manufacturers have closed shop hence the urgent need for the Australian government to implement measures for low production costs to enable foreign and local car manufacturers into the industry(Westmore,2013).Through low production costs, manufacturers are encouraged to invest due to the possibility of high-profit margins as compared to high production costs will yield low-profit margins.Noteworthy,higher oil pricescan be a recipe for recession due t the fact that it is a major raw material for most goods and is vital for transportation thus the need to keep them low.Higher oil prices equals high cost of automobiles and high production costs which could lead to decline in the automotive industry due to low profitability(Trerberg,2013).There s need to regulate oil production in the world so as to regulate the prices of oil globally(Trevberg,2016). Conclusion Despite the challenges facing the Australian car manufacturing industry,it still makes a contribution to the gross domestic product.The low contribution is due to unfavorable macroeconomic conditions such as inflation,unemployment,stability of the dollar and high global oil prices.There urgent need for government intervention to reduce the high production costs for car production to create more employment opportunities through creation of conducive business environment for car manufacturing.By and large,all is not lost,various recommendations have been made to turn the car industry in Australia back to its original glory. References Amadeo,K.(2017.What is being done to control Inflation .The Balance. Available at[Accesed 25 Aug 2017] Borland ,J.(2014).Unemployment is hitting Youth hard :This is What We Should Do. 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Air Pollution and Twin Lake Essays

Air Pollution and Twin Lake Essays Air Pollution and Twin Lake Paper Air Pollution and Twin Lake Paper Essay Topic: Air pollution The strategy to use can either be distributive or integrative depending on the tuitions and the outcomes that the party want out from the negotiation. In this scenario, it is a negotiation on the conflict between Twin Lake Mining Company and Tamarack City Council regarding an environmental cleanup on the water and air pollution which arise from the plant operation. This is an interrupt conflict and the level of complexity is high due to the involvement of large number of people and the multitudinous ways they can interact with each other. Resolution need to be agreed upon and act on by both Twin Lake and City Council in order to meet the objectives and needs Of each Other which will result in a win win situation. 2. Material Facts The main discussion is basing on the negotiation between Twin Lake Mining Company and Tamarack City Council. The issue arise due to a more stringent environmental laws and regulation which resulted in an imposition of stricter environmental controls on Twin Lake. This put pressure on Twin Lake to take actions on a major cleanup in order to totally compliant to the regulation which estimate cost to the company is over 336 million. This is beyond the many cost limit set of $1 6 million capital and $2. 6 million yearly payment for improvement. The company is committed to keep the plant but at the basis on the cost limit set. At the same time, many local citizens, as individuals and through the local chapter of the United Mineworkers Union, are putting significant pressure on the Town Council to help Twin Lakes in the environmental process as this will potentially impact their livelihood if the company decided to shut down and at the same time impacting the Citys economic stability which is strongly pendent on the continued success of the Twin Lakes Mining Company. The report will base on the different facts provided and present the overview of the Issues and work on the preparation for the negotiation. Planning the negotiation climate, strategy to use and at the same time knowing BAT AN of both parties to have a win win result which is the desired outcome. Issues Identified for the Negotiation In this case study, the cost of resolving the major issues which are the water quality and air quality issue is too much for Twin Lakes to absorb and at the name time, Twin Lake is also looking at the concession that the City can provide on the taxation of the company owned land as they work together on the resolution to the environmental issues. Once these issues are resolved, all the remaining problem can be easily be settle. . 1 water Quality Due to the need of the washing operation, series of settlement recovery ponds were built alongside Beaver Brook near the plant and due to this process iron ore and other impurities are being wash downstream which impacted the water quality. In order to resolve this problem, a filtration plant which costs $20 million need to be build which is not affo rdable to Twin Lake and working on a joint venture with the City Council since they are working to make Beaver Brook as the secondary water source due to the residential development. 3. Air Quality In the entire process of mining, transportation and crushing ore generates large amount of dust which causes air pollution. Twin Lake already agreed to make approximately $8 million investment to reduce the emission from the plant but the major concern is still not solve on the pollution caused by many trucks traveling to and from the plant outside the city.

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Attributes of a Student Teaching Experience Term Paper

Attributes of a Student Teaching Experience - Term Paper Example For students to learn they must have tutors or teachers to take then through class work and other activities. Student-teacher relationship should be tailored towards improving the current status of the student both intellectually and morally and in a positive way (Hargreaves & Goodson, 2006). Teachers are supposed to prepare their students for the interdependent world that nowadays is a global village. Teachers while preparing students should put in mind that the students they are preparing are to be incorporated in this developing world where development has taken center stage. The theoretical part of the study should be practically practiced. This opens up the mind of students making them able to be open minded in their profession and effectively teach others in any part of the world. Learning is a gradual process which needs time and patience. People are different in understanding and grasping things when being taught. This calls for patience from the teacher. The lessons should b e systematic to avoid forgetfulness and enhance grasping crucial information by students. The teacher should put up a methodology which is applicable to students. This helps the students to move together, if in a group and at almost similar pace. The method being used by the teacher should be aimed at improving the students understanding of the topic or subject being taught. The capability of the teacher is well seen by the way he/she teaches. The method used should be easy to understand by the students. Communication is vital in exchanging information. The way a teacher communicates with the students will eventually make then understand or fail. It’s important for the teacher to ensure that the students do not realize your weak points because that will affect their psychological perception about you and even take you for granted. The seriousness you accord to your work and towards the students will always make students build enough confidence in you. The language being used by the teacher should be understood by the students putting in mind that the teacher should try to elaborate further if a point is not yet home. Students largely depend on their teacher for reliable information since they trust in their teacher and believe that whatever they are taught is true. The learning materials used should also portray the truth and similar information since people today work in different countries and therefore it will be easier for them if the same information is taught all over the world. The relationship between the teacher and the student should be morally upright and essentially meant to improve the student capabilities both in class and extra curriculum activities. There is also evidence in the long run of students studying in other parts of the world having been taught similar things in their respective schools returning and being able to cope well with the of needs and wants of the society experienced in the current job market. Flexibility and opennes s (Eduventures, 2008) and ability to apply creative solutions to classroom conflicts while promoting intercultural interdependence in their classrooms. The teacher should instill self-confidence and honesty to his/her students. Students who wish to be teachers also gain a better understanding of the broader nature of teaching as a worldwide profession and begin to realize that the basic skills and qualities of an effective teacher are universal. Putting